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So, what is a "web nomad"?

It's a term I made up. I define a "web nomad" primarily as a lurker, but not on just one site; it more or less applies to one's entire online activity. Web nomads are often people who have no real identity, nor allegience. They lurk and browse, observing from afar. They usually don't have social media or much of an online presence, save an e-mail address or perhaps an obscure website. It's very hard to know how many are out there, and it's hard for such people to find each other. They don't have much in common with one another asides how they interact with the World Wide Web and/or internet.

Why did you make this website?

It'd be nice if the term caught on so other web nomads could find an identity for themselves, but honestly the primary reason is because I'm frustrated. Just plain frustrated. I've always been the "miscellaneous" type of person, meaning my interests have no tie that binds them. It's just a collection of miscellaneous things. Finding friends has always been a challenge, but I'm exploring ways around this issue. Explaining this to people is a tiring exercise, so I'll just keep my explanations in my logs for anyone who bothers to read.

What's with the eye of Horus?

I've always liked this symbol, and I think it's a fitting one to encapsulate the way of life of the web nomads. The Eye, always watching, always lurking. If you're one of us, do feel free to incorporate it into your own identity.

"Am I a web nomad?"

Sure, why not. Much like anything it's a spectrum; we're much too complicated as human beings to be making a fuss. Maybe you don't consider yourself "pure" but it's silly to be strict about it, especially with something like this. Pretty much the only rule is that if you consider yourself one, you are one. Simple as.

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